If it has been your wish to make money from blogging, then it is a platform where you can polish the skills that you already have. And on the other hand, if you have tried other things in the past, but have not earned a single dollar, then have a peace of mind, because here you are going to learn some working tips of 2016.

The best thing is that you are not required to have any special technical skills or computer knowledge for a passive income.

Keep in mind some crucial steps before starting blogging job at home.

  • Try to build maximum relationships through social media networks
  • Create flexible timings at your home for writing
  • Choose a suitable niche with maximum searches and cost per click should also be decent

First of all you need a good looking blog. If you have some HTML skills, then do not go to a Word Press site, because it is observed that a custom site’s speed is faster than a Word Press blog unless you pump it up with recommended plug inns.


Another thing is producing quality content in that blog, because your goal should be to make visitors a recurring website user. They will share the articles or posts if the articles will tend to be interesting and have full details about the topic. If any of your topics get viral touch, then imagine how much money will be waiting for you through Adsense?
Make-Money-With-Google-AdsenseAlthough Adsense is the best paying ad network, it can pay you per thousand impressions and also as per click ratio. However, being a blogger your goal should be to get maximum visitors from golden countries such as the United States of America, UK and Australia etc. The reason is advertisers get benefits from these countries mostly. Bing ads network is the best alternative to earn money from your blogs. But keep in mind; try to improve the Alexa rank first. If you have decent traffic then there is no chance of rejection from world’s top media ad networks.

If you do not have an Adsense account and you want to get a quick start, then you can also go for some affiliation programs.  For this just sign up with Clickbank. Within a few minutes, pick up a product according to your interest. Here interest means a product on which you can write a lot of valuable content. Any article can bring up sales for you. www.Amazon.com who is unfamiliar with it? Thousands of dollars are produced in every week by selling the products from this great site. Pick up a product that has many positive reviews then find its competition from Google keyword planner or long tail platinum version. Do not go for products, against which authority sites stand on top 10 results.


Another great option is waiting for you. If you mean to build up a career as a blogger then you should opt for e-book writing. Yes, you even do not need to do a lot of marketing for it. Just go and kindle publishing platform. Just visit already published ebooks there. In this way you can have an idea what kind of content people demand and what kind of reviews readers are giving against these specific books? These two are very handy and valuable trick regarding ebook writing. So, take a start and enjoy your earning.



March 16, 2016
how to make money from blogging

How To Make Money From Blogging?

If it has been your wish to make money from blogging, then it is a platform where you can polish the skills that you already have. […]