Staying hydrated whole day long is a very crucial need of our body as it helps us to stay fit and active all day. It becomes more crucial during summers as, during this period, dehydration rate becomes greater due to intense heat and sweaty workouts. In such a condition, water is undoubtedly the best way and the best source to rehydrate the body but water is not the only way to get rid of dehydration. Let us introduce you to 5 simple ways to stay hydrated this summer season. We bet you will love these ways.

Make Water Enriched Vegetable A Part of Your Routine

The consumption of water enriched vegetables can prove to be very helpful to keep one’s body hydrated whole day long. You can make a vegetable salad of different water enriched vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, lemon and carrots with a little seasoning and can have it at your breakfast of lunch. With help of this, you can not only keep your body hydrated but can reduce your excess weight without any effort.


Make Water Enriched Fruits A Part of Your Routine

In case if you are not a fan of eating raw vegetables, fruits can be the best alternative to keep the body hydrated for the whole day. Watery fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, kiwi, and grapes are the best fruits that can be consumed to fight dehydration.


Drink Smoothies And Fresh Juices

Consuming fresh fruits smoothies and juices instead of eating them is like drinking an energy pack. When mixed with water and sugar, the fruits become more powerful and the mixture thus formed is more effective in fighting dehydration and getting freshness for the whole day long.


Drink Coconut Water 

This drink has a unique taste and is undoubtedly a very energetic drink to be consumed during the summer season. It is very rich in potassium but a low carb drink that can reinstate you energy level in no time and can keep your body hydrated for whole day.


Keep Water Bottle With You All Time Where Ever You Go

Every one is sluggish when it comes to especially go to the refrigerator , grab a bottle pour water in a glass and quench thirst. So people often ignore thirst just because of this and resultantly their body gets dehydrated. The best possible solution to this problem is to make a habit  to keep a water bottle with you all time when ever where ever you go . In this way, you will not have to do much struggle to drink water and your body will not get dehydrated.


June 1, 2017

5 Simple Ways To Stay Hydrated This Summer Season

Staying hydrated whole day long is a very crucial need of our body as it helps us to stay fit and active all day. It becomes […]