Samsung has taken some crucial decisions regarding Galaxy Note 5. You can see that its phablet flagship has been restructured. It came up with some advantages and bad things that are interesting to know. It is supposed lousy multitasking and it is also claimed that the sound quality is poor. May be that’s why it is called a metal with overprice. However, the benefits or features are more than the cons.

The display has very stunning brightness level that attracts users’ attention. No doubt, the quality of a camera is awesome and the results are super fast. The integrated stylus pen is really going to touch the hearts. The handwriting recognition feature makes Note 5, a unique brand. People pay high prices because they know such kinds of features cannot be seen in any other model easily.

Galaxy S 6 language was applied on the special design of Galaxy note 5. You can see aluminum frame as well as Gorilla Glass 4 on the phone. Both features will let you think; is it not a good idea to try this and enjoy the precious moments of life with it? In front and back you will see these metals.

This design also gives you premium device feelings because the previous models had some deficiencies as compared with this device. However, keep in mind that you are not going to see a removable battery in the set and this is not a risky or dangerous sign. If the device has enough capacity to give many hours back-up, then all is fine. Similarly, there is another typical thing that you will miss and it is called a microSD card slot.


The display is approximately 5.7 inch having an awesome QHD resolution. This feature alone causes a great cost for other related cell phones. You can compare the Galaxy S5 features with none other than Galaxy S6 model. One thing is important when you talk about display resolution. In above mentioned feature you can say if Galaxy has a 5.7 inch display, then Galaxy S6 has just 5.1 inch display. But the point what is the big difference or how can one compare on this displays factor?

You will see 2560*1440 resolutions for both sets, but pixel density is not same in both devices. In a Galaxy S5 note it is comparatively low. But it is not the main reason for a person to file a complaint because 518 ppi is still a great device for any Smartphone user.

Samsung has a great team of experts, every year they remain busy in testing their models. They test each device by using them in various styles. They check and monitor brightness level, operating system, sharpness, reflections and viewing angles stability. That is how S5 note is a lot better than 4’S.  This device is more power efficient. On displaying brightness it sets an interesting record. When you talk about a best color reproduction model, then you can call one name as Samsung Galaxy S5 Note without any other thinking. So, every year gives a new model, but after paying a price of metal you should have something great in your hand.

The truth is when you see Samsung Galaxy S6 then S 5 note looks a useless metal. But when you compare with previous models then it is the best. Why do we call it overpriced metal? The reasons are mentioned below:

  • Weight is 171 g in Note 5, but in Note 6 it is just 138g
  • 577 ppi resolution you will see in Note 6
  • Up to 128 GB storage in Galaxy S6
  • You can also see Gear VR in Note 6
  • S 6 price is lower than Note 5





March 17, 2016
samsung galaxy note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:Probably a USELESS piece of Overpriced Metal

Samsung has taken some crucial decisions regarding Galaxy Note 5. You can see that its phablet flagship has been restructured. It came up with some advantages […]