In this dynamic world all the things around us tend to change abruptly we see someone doing something for a short while and then suddenly abstains from it. A few years back a good part of people around the world had no interest in the sites like Twitter and Facebook but now almost no one can imagine life without social media, and with the rise of smartphones we are not seeing it to ease down in many years to come.


The world of internet has carried on by just shifting its shape and similar is the case with all other industries as well, trends come and go before even they make any effect on the market but some trends to tend to stay for some period of time because of their popularity among the masses. Nevertheless, when we talk about the Web, things generally tend to become more volatile, the trends here may develop overnight, you may even never know about their origins and the next day they are gone, people have shifted their focus on something new. In this endless onslaught only those survive who keep up the pace and work like a blob.


With tremendous growth in smartphone usage web designing has become a more careful craft in the recent years. Now the website designs have to be automated for many devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. There has to be different version of the same website available to the user to provide them with consistency and ease. Now because the industry is in its development stage there are some standards that are still being laid down and for this trends in web designing come and go very quickly. Following are 6 trends that we will see on every site in the year 2016;


#1 Designed for all devices

responsive web designs trend

People use different devices all the time, in home and at office they mostly use their PCs but when they are on the move smartphones come in hence the website should be designed in a very responsive manner so that user might not have any difficulty in browsing.


#2 A lot more scrolling

scroll-able websites

Nobody wants to visit different pages all the time they want everything on single page in compact and condensed manner and at once, so the designers will look to go for long scrolling sites so that user won’t have to browse different pages.


#3 Deliver information by storytelling

story telling via websites

This trend will continue not only in next year but in many years to come due to the fact that consumers can easily digest a lot of content when it is delivered in form of a story. Its the interactive part that users love and look forward to.


#4 Simple design with bold colors

bold colors in web designing

This comes in with sites who deal in e-commerce. The designers offer a simple design with vibrant colors to highlight certain items on their websites but they don’t get over ambitious with the designing part, they keep it simple because the user wants their site to be more functional than beautiful. So, we are going to see a lot of sites may go with a dark background with one bright colored logo somewhere on the top of the page or in the middle and animations will be escorted from the premises of the site.


#5 Flatten out fonts and logos

flatten out font sizes

The new Google logo is the best example for this point, they have cut out the extra edges from their font and this has made their logo file to be more light and they also discovered that the new flatten out logo is more readable in the devices with smaller screen. Hence, expect a lot of changes in brand logos this year as its time to flat them out for good.


#6 No more stock photos

catchy images for websites

This is the trend that has developed in the recent times and will probably go for a long time in future and the simple reason behind it is that stock photos were making every website look similar to each other. Many of the companies are using their own images now to personalize their web content to give their user the true experience that they expect from the company, its like you are actually visiting the company with your device.

January 22, 2016

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In this dynamic world all the things around us tend to change abruptly we see someone doing something for a short while and then suddenly abstains […]