Fashion trends keep changing every season and every year, not only of clothing but of hairdos and makeup also. Sometimes it brings old trends to revive vintage and classic looks while sometimes it brings something new with itself that’s never seen before. Just like every year, this year 2017 also brought fashion trends for hair and makeup with itself. Let’s have a look that which trends lost their status in 2017 and which trends were welcomed.

“Moon” manicure got replaced by bright French style manicure 

The “moon shaped” manicure was trending in 2016 but in 2017 it got replaced by nice bright and colorful french style manicure. This type of manicure trend is not decent only decent to carry but is also very refreshing.


Ultra bright hair colors got replaced by Sober hair colors 

In 2017, the dazzling bright hair color trend lost its status and sober hair colors got it. Now, girls and ladies like to have very decent hair color instead of ultra bright one.


Retro wavy curls got replaced by fine curls 

Retro curls were very popular and trendy till 2016 but 2017 came with saying goodbye to that trend. Now fine curls with small diameter are trending nowadays and look completely amazing.


Wine shade lipsticks got replaced by berry colored lipsticks 

Wine shade lipsticks including dark red, dark maroon, and reddish black shades have now lost their status since the start of 2017. Bright berry colors with glossy touch are trending nowadays.


Matte Lipsticks were replaced by glossy lipsticks 

The trend of Matte lipstick along with matte makeup is now over. 2017 is a year to bring some shimmer to your face along with glossy lipstick.


Contouring was replaced by even facial tone 

From past few years till 2016, girls and ladies were obsessed with contouring. But now , simple even facial tone has replaced the contouring style, in 2017. So girls now you don’t need to get contouring kits to get a perfect contour.Make yourself easy with light blush and even tone.


Pastel tone eye shadows were replaced by bright mascara 

2017 is now a time to leave simple black mascara with pastel tone eye shades. Why not try bright colored mascara and make your look completely changed?


Natural looking eyelashes got replaced by doll-like eyelashes 

Doll-like eyelashes are trending in 2017. So simple mascara on natural eyelashes will not work to make you a trend follower.


Painted eyebrows got replaced by natural looking eyebrows 

Till 2016, finely painted eyebrows were very trendy but they made the facial look completely un natural. So now in 2017, it’s a time to say goodbye to painted eyebrows and to accept natural eyebrows shape and color.


Messy hairstyle got replaced by tightly coiled hair 

Messy hairstyle was surely something great for lazy girls but 2017 is a time to get used to tightly coiled neat hair style.





May 3, 2017

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Fashion trends keep changing every season and every year, not only of clothing but of hairdos and makeup also. Sometimes it brings old trends to revive […]