Horror and thriller movies are loved by people of all age groups and that’s the reason why Hollywood works hard on horror/thriller movies. Film producers try their best to bring as much thrill in their movies as they can and resultantly they have managed to produce some of the movies that are really thrilling that no one can bet to watch them alone at night. Let us introduce you to top 5 horror/thriller movies of 2017 that you should not miss watching them along with your friends or family.

Annabelle Creation

We have already seen the Conjuring, Annabelle and Conjuring 2 but till now in any of the part, we were not told that how Annabelle (possessed doll) came into existence. So now “Annabelle Creation ” has been created to end our curiosity. The film story revolves around the dollmaker and his wife. Their daughter died 20 years earlier. The movie is worth watching due to its thrilling scenes.

Insidious Chapter 4

If you have already seen first 3 chapters of insidious where the brilliant demonologist and parapsychologist helps others to get rid of demons, you must be waiting for the next chapter of insidious that is chapter 4. The wait is over now as you can see thrilling insidious chapter 4. It must be the most thrilling one as Dr. Elise Rainier is not going to help someone instead she is going to face her horrifying personal haunting in her own family home. So don’t miss watching this movie.

The Mummy

The Mummy 2017 is an action-adventure Horror film and the first installment of the series of “Dark Universe” film. The story of the film is about a soldier “Nick” who raids ancient places in search of timeless artifacts to make money by selling them to highest bidders. During his search, a betrayed Egyptian Princess “Ahmanet” unearths who started embarking the streets of London with her evolving powers. Nick must stop her go avoid more losses.

Aliens: Covenant

Aliens Covenant is a science fiction thriller film that is a sequel to  “Prometheus”. The story of the movie revolves around the colonists of ship covenant that is bound for a remote planet “Origae-6” far away in the galaxy. The Ship got malfunctioned and the colonists had to face very harsh conditions as some of them died in their pods while an expedition squad moved down to the unknown planet’s surface and tracks the transmission’s signal to a crashed alien ship.The mysterious world soon turns dark and dangerous when a hostile alien life-form forces the crew into a deadly fight for survival.

Get Out

Get out is less horrifying but more thrilling American film. The story of the film revolves around a young interracial couple “Chris” and his girlfriend, Rose. Both of them went for dating at Rose’s parents home in the other estate. Chris found Rose’s family bit nervous in accommodating with their daughters interracial relationship at first that made him disturbed. He started feeling strange things about the family and as the weekend progresses, the disturbing discoveries led him to a truth he could never imagine.


May 31, 2017

Top 5 Horror/Thriller Movies 2017 You Should Not Miss

Horror and thriller movies are loved by people of all age groups and that’s the reason why Hollywood works hard on horror/thriller movies. Film producers try […]