Lungs capacity is the maximum amount of oxygen that our body can use and this capacity can diminish over time if a person is dealing with some sort of lung disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Due to poor lung capacity, many problems can occur and a person would find it difficult to take in and take out air resultantly the body will not get sufficient oxygen that’s very dangerous. So if you are dealing with something like that, here’s how you can boost your lungs capacity.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises from time to time during a day can be very helpful in boosting your lungs capacity. Breathe deeply for few minutes say 2-20 by inhaling and exhaling frequently, and slowly improve the rate. You can practice it while driving, watching tv, working in the office, doing paperwork,  playing video gaming, or simply at the school desk. By doing this exercise you will see the results with in few days with you improved lungs capacity.

lungs capacity

 Play a wind instrument

Playing a wind instrument is not as much easy as it seems to be. It requires a lot of energy and lungs capacity. However trying to play it will definitely be helpful in boosting your lungs capacity.You can play any of the wind instrument like a tuba, woodwind, clarinet or flute. Besides playing a wind instrument, singing is also a good option to improve lungs capacity as it requires strong lungs to sing nicely.

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Blow Balloons

One more interesting and outstanding way to improve the lungs capacity is to blow balloons. You can do this with your kids at a free time just like other activities. All you to do is to practice blowing up a balloon and allowing it to deflate.Do that again and again, you will notice your lungs will get more potential to pump more air, better and longer.

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hyperventilating Exercise

Hyperventilating simply means sucking in and out rapidly. This exercise is also very helpful in boosting lungs energy especially if you love swimming. Try hyperventilating before swimming when you frequently need to keep your breath.

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Take Vitamin D

Many studies have shown that the people suffering from COPD got benefit in taking vitamins like vitamin D. This vitamin is very helpful in increasing respiratory muscle strength and exercise capacity. So if you want to increase your lungs capacity , accumulation of this vitamin may be very helpful.

lungs capacity

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