Health and fitness incorporate different areas like mental as well as physical. Some people worry about their mental fitness but most of the people work on the physical fitness. Physical health includes fitness of body parts like legs, arms, back and weight.
Nowadays weight losing is the most prevalent health issue in females as well as in males. People try different techniques to lose their weight and some of them use different medicines without even knowing their side effects or consulting with the doctors. So here we have brought some best losing ideas that have definitely no side effect and are worth adopting by people of every age group.


Dieting is the most prevalent and the most practiced home remedy for weight losing.Usually, everyone prefers dieting as the first most technique as it costs none of the money as well as it has no side effects. But dieting doesn’t mean to skip all time meals as by doing so you may lose your body fat immediately but you will also lose your all energy. Do Dieting with its true meaning that is , eat meals in small portions and eat half plate instead of a full plate.


Drink green tea

The trouble with dieting is that it requires a long period of time and a lot of precautions as related to food whereas drinking green tea is an economic way to reduce belly fat and so the weight. It also has none of the side effects regarding health. You can take it after every meal or as many times  as you want.



Doing exercise and strength training can also be helpful in reducing weight. Exercise is useful in building up lean tissues which burn a lot of calories. By doing some pushups in free time or picking heavy weighing objects is an efficient way to reduce weight and give a better shape to our body.


Drinking water

Drinking water also helps to reduce weight, a study showed that drinking half liters of water will help in increasing the number of calories burn up to 25%. It is also recommended to drink water before taking meal as water reduces the calories intake for teens and the elders.


Avoid calories in liquids

Liquid beverages contain more calories than the solid foods. For example drinking the glass of coke will increase more calories than eating a bowl of noodles however you would prefer to take one more glass coke instead of taking a bowl of noodles. Nowadays soft drinks are popular among teen as well as middle age peoples. It is one of the prevalent reasons of increased weight.


Reducing salt in meals

Salt is commonly used mineral in our daily life. Every person eats one or more tablespoon of salt every day. Salt contain sodium which helps to retain a large amount of water in the body which makes a person look bloated. This amount can be decreased by avoiding salty snacks and chips. Meals like soup also contain a lot of salts so as sodium so by reducing such meals weight can be reduced in no time.


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