Catching Any Man’s Attraction – 10 Golden Rules


This article will help you ladies to attract the man you want, or for that matter any man. It provides you with the secret turn-ons they crave for. However, make sure that this document is well hidden from them because they don’t want you to know about many things and it will leave them defenseless while on the contrary some will enjoy it a lot because many men love to be seduced. It all depends on the hidden switch that turn the men on or off and it is different for all of them. May be it depends upon the physical contact, may be it is associated with an image in his mind or some expectation or may be even a word or sometimes even with that seductive look full of sexual desire which is extremely coincidental. So, in the end it will depend on you to find that right turn-on for your man. Following are some golden rules to attract a man,


The Fragrance


Fragrances have a major effect on our senses and our judgments. In a survey 89% of the men mentioned that perfumes have a lot to do when it comes to attractiveness of women. Scents have very powerful influence on the subconscious.


The meeting venue


This is very important as you are not going to get any attention on a game night in a stadium or when something of his interest is on. He should be completely focused on you and candlelight along with soft music is ideal here.


Show confidence but don’t get over-confident

touching bf

Again overdoing it will do more harm than any good. Over confidence will make you look arrogant and no one likes arrogance at all. Be confident in your gestures and postures. You can also achieve this by having anew hair cut or change your dress or loos some extra weight.


Reveal some of your body


Dressing sense counts a lot with men,you don’t need to overdue while exposing every inch of your body. Go with a dress that keep some of your body revealing while most of it hidden.


Show some signs of interest

showing confidence

Now is the right time for sending some messages, the non verbal ones, of course. You can pick some fluff off from his jacket even if there is nothing, you can also face him directly and lean slightly towards him from time and time again, play with your hair and bit your lips from time to time but don’t do this too much. The experienced men will suspect you and those with no experience will smell something fishy too.


Touch him, accidentally, that is!


When you try to reach out for something accidentally touch him but again don’t make it too obvious. Just be playful and casual, men absolutely dig it.


Look with those “killer eyes” every now and then

killer eyes

Begin with side-glances and follow up with a direct look straight in his eyes and lower your glance again with an embarrassed smile the moment he looks at you. You can repeat moments later and this time for a longer look but end up with the similar lowered eyes and embarrassed smile. They call it flirting without talking.


Anticipation game – Ignoring for a moment and getting back where you were


Have some breaks in your flirting process make him work hard for you. But at times this can become very doubtful thing for many men. However, if you manage to pull this trick then he is all yours. Take two steps forward one step back keep in him in interest while letting him work hard for you but don’t let him feel the burden otherwise forget it. Ignoring him for a couple of moments, then start again by bringing in all the steps discussed above.


Learn how to dance erotically


Don’t worry if you are not good at dancing, why don’t you join a class for this or you can go to the club and learn those moves. Many women love to express themselves using those sexy moves on the dance floor.


Let him have the victory


In the end don’t let him know that you are seducing him, let him know that he has seduced you and let him be your hero, with this you are giving him a sense of security and you will not miss out on him at all.

January 22, 2016

Catching Any Man’s Attraction – 10 Golden Rules

Catching Any Man’s Attraction – 10 Golden Rules   This article will help you ladies to attract the man you want, or for that matter any man. […]
January 22, 2016

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