How To Get Bigger Lips in 5 Minutes?

tips to get bigger lips

If you are one of those who go to parties and often find someone that make you think, how on earth did she got her lips bigger? She might had her lips done by a cosmetic surgeon or may be some skin injections would have done the miracle then you need to know one thing for sure, yes there are some people on earth who would do crazy things for know reason at all but actually its not that difficult to make your lips look bigger with some basic makeup tricks. Now you will not have to look at others with desperate eyes wondering what happened. This article explains some very useful tips to make your lips look bigger than usual.


Prepare your lips by applying some lip balm

applying lipbalm

You need to use Aquaphor for this. Apply the lip balm on your lips with help of a cotton bud on all your lips and let it be for 5 minutes. Moisturizing your lips will soften up the dry or dead skin on your lips.


Exfoliate the dry skin from your lips using a tooth brush

exfoliate dead skin

The dry or dead skin that has been loosen up in the previous step needs to be removed and this is done using a tooth brush by gently moving it concentrically all over the lips. The brushing will allow the blood flow through the lips an this will make them look slightly bigger however, brushing your lips should be done in a mild manner because the skin is very sensitive here.


For smooth application of lipstick, apply foundation


Applying foundation on your skin will assist in holding the lip stick you will use later on. Foundation gives the lip color to hold onto a base so it does not slip away.


Apply a bit of highlighter on the top lip center


The center of the top lip is also known as “Cupid’s bow” and you are going to use an amount of concealer that is very tiny, it will give your lips a look of a goddess when a glow comes out from your lips.


Use a 1 or 2 tone darker lip liner than your lip color, on the Cupid’s bow to over-line

applying lipliner

Began from the center and continue through to the corners of the mouth and sharpen it to meet the natural line of your lips. Try to use the color of the lip liner that is similar to your natural color of the lips, this will give the liner a more natural and realistic look.


Expert your lipstick application if you don’t use lip liner

beautiful lips

Start applying lipstick by drawing an X in the center of the top of your lip. This will define your Cupid’s bow and make your lips look healthier than normal.


Then fill in the gap between the lip lines using a lip liner of natural skin color

Applying the lip liner after the your lipstick will make it look more natural and the two lines will blend in together in a more realistic manner.


Use a tone or 2 darker than original to contour the lips

Doing this will emphasize the natural shadow of the lips and will highlight them. However, this is not something that is absolutely necessary for that glamorous pout but will surely create some theater.


With a concealer brush apply some neutral powder below the bottom lip line

Doing this will add a shadow underneath you lip bottom and will highlight its appearance on your face.


Now using a matte lipstick fill in the lips

There is an idea about using matte lipstick here because a glossy one will highlight the lip line that is over-lined.

applying lipstick

You can make any lipstick matte using skin-color powder

After applying your lipstick you can use any skin-colored or translucent powder to make it look matte. Moreover, this will allow the lipstick to settle and will prevent it from smudging.


You can apply some gold-toned shimmery powder or gloss to the center of both your upper and lower lips and do not forget to put your finger in your mouth and pull it out this will remove the lipstick from the inner lips, that might get onto your teeth. And there you have it MWAAZZZZ all the way!

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How To Get Bigger Lips in 5 Minutes?

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