Lady Gaga and her Untold Secrets

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Lady Gaga and her Untold Secrets:


Known professional LADY GAGA is a world famous an American singer, songwriter and rebound actress. Gaga is known for her provocative and well as experimenting new characters and images. She began musical career by practicing in school music rooms and performing songs at open mic night and schools play. Studied CAP21 through NEW YORK UNIVERSITY TISCH SCHOOL OF ARTS and then dropped to learn professional music.

Lady gaga was born 28 march 1986 and is now 31 years old. Lives in New York, US. Net worth lady gaga owns is $275 million.

Unknown things about lady gaga:

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  1. Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani JoAnne Angelia Germanotte. She cut her name short so that it would remain easy for everyone to remember her as she was confident to become famous one day.
  2. Stefani was inspired by the song queens hit ‘Radio Gaga’.
  3. Lady Gaga favorite color is black and says that my lucky charm color is black and I wanted to turn everything black out of white in world.
  4. Her favorite cartoons are baby loony tunes and favorite cartoon character is bugs bunny.
  5. Stefani learned piano by ear at the age of 4 and composed her first original ballads when she was 13 and dedicated it to her father.
  6. At high school Stefani played a lead role as Adelaide in GUYS AND DOLLS and played another role as Philia in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.
  7. Stefani didn’t liked the idea of losing virginity at early age but she said, “I didn’t lost my virginity until I was at the age of 17. But I have to say that even then I wasn’t ready and I had it as one of the terrible experiences of my life but somehow it’s important to lose virginity to become famed in our society.”
  8. Lady gaga dropped out her New York university when she was 19 years old as she wanted to pursue her music career seriously and said in an interview to Elle Magazine , “ I thought that I could teach myself about art better than any teacher or school could.”
  9. Gaga reveled the truth that why she dye her hair blonde?It was that she was too confused for the Amy Winehouse interview, so she dyed her hairs to light blonde. Stefani told people magazine that, “I wanted to look so different from everyone and to be known for my own look.”
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  11. Gaga also told in an interview that her hair started falling rapidly due to over dying. So I needed to cut down chemical haircuts because my blonde hairs are falling down perhaps, she took to wigs.

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