Many people using iPhone 6 & 6 plus have reported about the problem that they’re facing regarding volume level while using it.  A lot of times when a person presses volume down button the volume straight away goes to zero and sometimes when a person presses volume button up then its level goes down.

Most of the time volume cursor vanishes or the volume gets too loud when a person plays a music. Then there is only one way left behind in order to get back the volume bar is to restart the phone.

Sometimes the volume gets too low while talking with earphones at the same time it gets too much high when loudspeakers are turned on. This is the unique problem which never occurred with previous versions of iPhone.Many of the people have observed the bad voice quality as compared to iPhone 5, 5s and the 4 series so they are switching back to the previous versions of iPhone because they are unable to resolve the problem.

So considering above mentioned problems, we have found some ways that could help you in solving your problem with iPhone 6.


Ways to Resolve iPhone 6 Hearing problem


Try removing plastic protector which had come with the phone at the time of purchasing. Actually, it is not any sort of a protector but a packaging material of shipment which gets stuck with the speaker. Removing it, can pretty much solve the issue.

iPhone 6


Go to the sound settings, search for the volume cursor and go to ringtones ‘disable’ it and increase the volume.

iPhone 6


Reset the iPhone.

iPhone 6


Make sure you don’t have any screen saver with a virus.

iPhone 6


If you are unable to be successful even following the above steps of solutions, then you must without wasting time contact to Apple or the nearest Apple’s outlet and replace your phone as soon as possible.

Please share your experience as well on volume issues in iPhone 6 & 6 plus.The listed steps have been gathered after a great study and concentration. Therefore, don’t worry about the fact that if following them will cause any more issues because it would not.

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