Brown spots commonly known as Solar Lentiginous often appear on a body of aged people but it’s not necessary. They can also appear on the bodies of people who get a lot of exposure to Ultraviolet radiations or tanning beds. The main cause of their formation is the clumping of the “melanin pigment” that is found in a topmost layer of our skin. These spots are harmless but look ugly so here are they ways with which you can make them almost disappear.

Apply lemon juice directly to spots

Lemon juice is considered as a natural bleaching agent as it contains an acid that is effective in breaking down the melanin pigment that causes the formation of brown spots on the body. To make these spots much lighter make a habit of applying lemon juice on them daily. For this purpose, cut a lemon in two halves and rub them on the areas of your body with brown spots. Rub for at least 5 minutes and then it on for about half an hour. Now rinse off with running water and you will feel the difference.

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Use Homemade lemon sugar scrub on spots

If you don’t find it good to apply lemon juice directly onto the spots, then alternatively you can you homemade lemon sugar scrub on your body. To make this scrub, take a bowl and add two to 4 tablespoons of sugar and squeeze one lemon in it. mix them well and scrub your body with it. This scrub will not only make your brown spots even lighter but will also make your body skin smooth and glowing. Make sure to apply moisturizer on a body after this scrub as it makes the skin dry.

brown spots

Use Potato And Honey Mixture

Just like lemon, potatoes are also considered as bleaching and whitening agents. So if you don’t have a lemon you can use potato mixture as well for the brownspot lightening purpose. Simply take one medium sized potato and grate it into a bowl. Add some honey into it to make a paste. Apply this mixture on brown spots and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with cool water and feel the difference.

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Use Papaya Mask

Last but not the least, Papaya mask can also be used for brown spots lightening purpose.For this, take a papaya and mash it in a bowl till it gains certain consistency. Now with the help of cotton or makeup brush, apply the mask on the areas of your body having brown spots. Leave the mask until it dries. Rinse off with cool water and see the difference. Use this regularly or with a gap of one day till all the spots just vanish.

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