A detox bath is one of the most known healing therapies that helps in the natural detoxification system of our body. In this era, where there is lots of use of hazardous chemicals and pollution is everywhere, our bodies have become subject to toxins more than ever. From air that we breathe to the food that we eat and the medications that we take toxins are just everywhere. If left unchecked they cause irritation, destruction, and harm in the body.
Detoxification is the easiest way of metabolizing and removing these dangerous compounds from our body. The body does this cleansing process naturally. However, the body’s capacity of the detoxification process isn’t endless.

Health Benefits Of Detox Bath

A detox bath is made with magnesium Sulphate popularly known as Epsom salt. It draws out toxins while offering various health benefits such as the ones listed below-
⦁ Improves concentration and stress and eases sleep
⦁ Help nerves and muscles function properly
⦁ The activity of 325+ enzymes is regulated
⦁ Prevents blood clots and artery hardening
⦁ Enhances the effectiveness of insulin
⦁ Reduces inflammation to muscle cramps and relieve pain
⦁ Flush toxins and improves oxygen use and absorption of nutrients
⦁ Help in the formation of joint proteins, mucin proteins, and brain tissue
⦁ Eases Migraine headaches

Steps For Drawing Detox Bath

1. Add 8-10 drops of lavender or any other essential oil and 2 cups Epsom salt to a tub full of water.

2. Make sure the temperature of the water is hot enough. Hot water creates nice sweat and this is important for proper detoxification of the body.
3. To filter your bath water you may add 1 cup of baking soda. This helps in neutralizing the chemicals, especially chlorine and increases mineral absorption.

4. Now it’s time to immerse yourself into the solution. Make sure your body is completely underwater. Do some breathing exercises, while keeping your eyes closed. Soak up to 20 minutes or more.


5. Rise out of the tub very cautiously and slowly once you’re done soaking. You may feel light-headed and a little dizzy. After you shower off in cool water all the dizziness will fade away.

Some Tips

  • Avoid using shampoos or harsh soaps, as the open pores will just absorb all the chemicals added to those products.
  • Apply a natural moisturizer once dry. You may use Shea butter, coconut oil, body butter, or any other aluminium-free deodorant. The lotions with dyes, chemicals or perfumes should be strictly avoided.
  • Don’t eat anything immediately after or after taking a detox bath.
  • Hydrating yourself with filtered water after and before detox bath will allow you to reap added benefits of detox bath.
  • Simply rejuvenate and rest after your bath. Don’t involve yourself in any kind of physical activity right after the bath.

Happy Bathing!

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