We all love giving our hair different looks from time to time and why not? Our hair is a great thing to play with, the whole year and every year brings with itself new trends not only in hair styles but also in the hair colors. Sometimes messy hair style with vibrant colors is on trend while sometimes nicely coiled hair with decent shades is in trend. So girls, if you ar curious that which hairstyles and colors are trending this year… you surely need to go through this article. We at Buzz 24-7 have gathered a huge information for the sake of your trend following a passion.

Pixie Cut With Dark And Light Tones

The new cool girl pixie cut is shorn on the sides with thick bangs at the front, and a mixture of dark and light tones.


Blunt Bangs With Single Toned Hair

Curly or straight, there’s only one way to cut a bob this year: blunt and sharp. The more angular, the better they will look.


Side-Parted Waves With Double Shaded Hair

If you have double shaded color and you are not much handy enough to make complex hairstyles or go with hairstyling tools, then simple side-parted wavy hair style will suit you best.


Big Blonde Curls

For the girls who have dyed their hair in blonde color, big blonde curls are what they need to look just amazing. Make big curls on your hair and just get all your hair at your front and you’ll be ready with elegance in no time.


High Pony With Single or Multi Shaded Hair

Weather you have short hair or long hair, a high tale is what that suits everyone. This year high pony hairstyle is back so just grab your hair and tie them with a pony high above your head to give yourself an amazing look.


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