How To Tell If An Egg Is Fresh Or Not – Simple Tricks


How would you tell if an egg is fresh or not if somebody asks you for that? Challenging Ha? This might not be the only case that someone will ask you and you should know the way to give an answer for that particular situation. Instead, you should know how to judge the freshness of eggs in order to avoid eating it by yourself or giving them to your kids. Well, we at Buzz 24-7 have found 4 brilliant testing ideas to instantly judge if an egg is fresh or stale. Here you go.

Test 1: Water Test

Take a bowl of cold water and place the egg inside, if it sinks then its good but if it floats it’s stale. This happens because the shell of the egg is porous and in the stale egg the liquid inside it evaporates causing the air to enter inside, making it afloat. There is a tiny air pocket inside the egg and with time more and more air seeps in causing the pocket to grow and making it float. An egg that stays at the bottom of the bowl is very fresh while that stands upright, but still, touches base is aged but can be consumed. However, floating egg is a stale one and you should dispose it instead of consuming it.


Test 2: Crack Open Test

The second test can be performed by cracking open the egg and examining it by inspecting the yolk. Bright yellow or orange yolk indicates freshness but the white should not flow too much. If the egg white flows in excess and spreads on the plate then the egg is bad. A flat yolk which breaks easily and moves around indicates an old egg. The color of egg white, if cloudy indicates freshness while clear one indicates that it’s aged.


Test 3: Sound Test

The third test is the sound test, which can be done by shaking the egg near your ear. If it sloshes then the egg is bad which indicates watery fluid. With the aging of eggs, the liquid and carbon dioxide inside them escapes through the pores in the shell shrinking the egg white and yolk. The air pocket which has expanded leaves space for the egg to slosh inside. A fresh egg does not slosh on shaking and is safe to consume.

Test 4: Smell Test

Another way of finding out a bad egg is the smell test which can be done by cracking open the egg and smelling it. If it has foul smell then it is bad. The pungent odor on breaking the egg is an indicator of bad one and must be thrown away immediately. A bad egg will smell bad even after being cooked.



It is also crucial to check the expiry date and packaging date on the egg carton. Refrigerated eggs remain good for nearly a month from the date of packaging. Many packages are labeled with best buy dates which indicate their freshness period, but they can be used beyond best buy dates also. If you have refrigerated eggs and later kept them out at room temperature for about 2 hours or more then they are no longer decent to consume, as bacteria starts growing inside the egg. It is vital to avoid temperature fluctuations to keep the eggs fresh for a longer time.

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