Mostly people like to have their life partners of same stereotypes mean same caste, creed, and color to avoid any sort of criticism from our cruel society but for those who fall in love with each other, stereotypes don’t matter for them. Here are the examples of 6 famous Hollywood Celebrity couples that have totally different stereotypes, still they are leading happy and contented life proving that typecasts really don’t matter if you are passionate about your relationship and the company of each other makes you feel better. Let’s have a look.

Daniel Radcliffe And Erin Darke

Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke both belong to the same field that is acting but for them, their difference in heights and ages doesn’t matter.Daniel is 2″ less in height and 5 years younger in age than Erin still the couple is going to marry this year without even caring about such differences. Yeah True Love :)


Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas

This charming couple has an age difference about 25 years. Michael Fell in love with Catherine after seeing her in “The Mask Of Zorro”. Since then both of them are together without even thinking about their such a huge age difference.


Matt Damon And Luciana Barroso

Luciana was a bartender before getting married to Matt Damon that is a famous Hollywood actor. This beautiful couple married twice. The first time they got married in 2005 and second time they got married in 2013 in St.Luciana. The couple doesn’t care about their social statuses and is leading a fantastic life.


Shakira And Gerard Piqué

We all know Shakira (A gorgeous Young Singer) and Gerard Pique (A professional Spanish Footballer). This couple has not only a difference in their nationalities but also a 10 years difference in their ages. Both of them are devoted fans of each other and are going well as a couple.


Zoe Saldana And Marco Perego

This couple got married right after a month they started dating each other. Both of them belongs from two different races but for them, it doesn’t matter. This couple has now become parents of two beautiful twin daughters and is leading a happy life.


Christina Hendricks And Geoffrey Arend

It was Christina who showed boldness and asked for Geoffrey’s number on their first meeting. After that christian declared her feelings of love with Geoffrey following what her heart dictated. Since then they are a happy couple leading lovely life.




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