Nausea is basically a feeling of illness and a responsiveness that you need to vomit, although it does not always lead to vomiting. Some common causes of Nausea include:

  • Stomach flu
  • Motion sickness
  • Too much intake of liquid
  • Food poisoning
  • Pregnancy

Though Nausea is not something to worry about and requires rushing to doctor immediately, there are some quick and proving remedies to get rid of it instantly.


Ginger herb is commonly available in many forms like powder, capsules, ginger ale and tea. A lot of evidence supports its use for stopping nausea immediately. Generally, 500 to 600 mg dose is advised every three to four hours in any form, it may relieve nausea during pregnancy with having any side effect on it. However, Children under age of 2 should not be given ginger.


Try cola syrup

Cola syrup is a medicated thick liquid that tastes just like a cola pop. This syrup has been used as a treatment for nausea since many years. It can be sipped over ice or taken plain. Take one to two tablespoons (14.8–29.6 ml) of cola syrup after every 2-3 hours to get relief from nausea.


 Get some fresh air

Simply step out of your house in fresh air if you are feeling nausea as it is quick and best remedy to get rid of this. Try to go in park or other cool refreshing place. If it’s not good weather outside try to sit in front of a fan so that its fresh air blows gently across your face.


P6 Acupressure Point

Try to massage Acupressure point that is located between two finger-widths below the wrist, on the thumb side with a constant pressure in intervals of three to five minutes. This will help in relieving you from nausea in no time.


 Take baking soda

Take plain baking soda and dissolve its one tablespoon into a glass of Luke warm water. Now simple drink water slowly.Try to repeat this procedure every 3 to 4 hours. This will help a lot in vanishing away the nausea.


Drink apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is not like regular vinegar.When you intake it, it absorbs unwanted nutrients from your stomach. In the case of nausea, mix two to three table spoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. Repeat this procedure every few hours to get rid of nausea.


Get lots of rest

Taking a lot of rest in case of nausea is also helpful in getting rid of it. To provide energy to your body to fight against nausea spend extra time sleeping and lying down. Avoid exercising or moving too much.



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