10 Best Medical Softwares and Apps for Doctors


There are various applications that you’d find on PlayStores daily. In fact, each moment several of applications are developed belonging to different categories. Who would have ever thought that we’d be entering into a time-period in which the application software would be made for the medical purposes! Well, now we’re in it. Several Applications are being developed daily that are related to medical perspectives. Today, in this article we’d be exploring into ten of the topmost medical software and apps. Let’s take a look.


One of the most helpful calculators for medical is MedCalc indeed. The application is containing a various amount of formulas. In addition to the fact that it’s totally free to be used, it has also been downloaded by more than 50,000 users. Continuously, we go through the comments related to this app and the comments about it are all in a positive aspect. Despite its free of cost nature, it still gives a large variety of features i.e. the default language of this app is English, yet you can also set the language accordingly with your ease. You can change the language pattern to French, Portuguese, German and etc.


Heart Pro

A very useful and helpful app is this one, the Heart Pro. The application has been focusing to the cardiology. In case you’re a doctor or some medicine student, then this app will turn out to be pretty useful for you because the 3D outlook of the app will pretty much help you in looking at the heart of a human.
The price of the app is 9.99$ – yet, if you really want to have a look at hearts of the humans from all the possible angles? And to learn about different aspects of heart then you aren’t supposed to care about the price because it’s definitely worth it.


CardioMath Tool

If you’re cardiologist, then the CardioMath Tool is definitely for you! Additionally, the app is totally free to be used and downloaded. The sole purpose of the app is to provide all the features of a medical calculator but in addition to that, it comes with more than 50 formulas.
Since it contains a basic interface of providing medical math to you, therefore CardioMath application can be run by the doctors, students of medicines, nurses and etc.


PubMed Mobile

The application has been used for the Android devices only. PubMed is a website that contains more than 23 million citations of high-profile science journals and other online books and resources. The app has the featuring that allows you to get a quick access to the PubMed’s site directly through the smartphones or tablets.



Epocrates provides the featuring to let you find out about the clinical information related to a variety of products and prescriptions. In addition to that, you can also get the knowledge about the drug interactions and about the other details about it.


EMS Tracker

EMS tracker employs to keep the record of all the critical events that might be occurring every day in the hospitals. The application is made only for the iPhones and the iPads users. It is a totally free app and has been genuinely made for the staff of EMS only.


If any user is interested in knowing about its sight and likes to care about its eye then EyeChart is a really useful app in such a case. The app is freely used and has been designed for the iOS users only. Through this app, you get the hold to measure the visual acuity of any person. The interface of the app is English, therefore it is pretty easy to use this app and download it.



A very useful app for the doctors and medical students, the app is genuinely for the iPhone and Android users only. It is a free app that is specifically helpful and useful in respect of diagnosis supports. Also, the app gives you more of the info about the drug, pharmacy and etc.


MedPage Today

If you’re into medical sciences or a doctor then you might be upholding with this fact that to stay up-to-date with the essential medical news is also very important. It makes you more successful and professional in the field of medical. The MedPage Today will notify you with all the important news that is coming from the medical world globally. This application tool is usable in both iOS and Android versions of the phones.



In the field of medical sciences, Eponyms are kind of very important. In case you’re a doctor or just beginning a career in the field of medical – then hopefully there would be some terms for sure that you can’t just remember in your mind. Eponyms is basically an app made for both Android and iOS users that possess 1,700+ common phrases and also pathologies that a professional doctor would need to remember. It has been purposely created for the young students so that it keeps refreshing their knowledge.


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