Many of us are habitual of slouching unconsciously. We slouch while watching TV, using a computer or even eating. This is because we do all these things in a great comfort without even thinking about our body’s posture and without worrying about the future results. Consequently, many of us end up with an unattractive and wrong postured bodies having round, shortened shoulders and hunched backs.

It’s for obvious that no one likes a person having wrong postured body nor even the person like itself. We always admire people having great looks with great body postures but becoming like them is not always easy.

Luckily, we have found some ways that can help you in getting straight and nicely postured body if it has got deshaped due to any reason. All you have to do is to perform these exercises daily and your ordinary looking body will be transformed into a perfect ideal body with attractive posture. Let’s have a look.

Shoulder Stretching 

There are many of our daily activities like working on computer, driving, reading etc that involves our hands to reach forward hence causing our chest muscles to get shorten and our shoulders to curl inwards. Eventually, our shoulder area becomes shorter and simply makes our body’s posture unattractive.

To get rid of this, shoulder stretching is the best way to go with. Simply put your arms out to the side and stand straight with your feet little apart from each other. Get your body into a rhythm with some warm ups. After that start swaying your arms for about 5 minutes with 10 seconds intervals in different positions.

right posture

 Standing Straight 

In order to get right posture for your body, standing straight is very important. Initially, your body may feel stretch and discomfort whenever you will try to stand straight. To overcome this make it your habit to give few minutes to straight standing exercise daily.

To do this simply stand straight against with the wall in a way that your heels should be touching the wall. Stand for about 30 seconds and move away from the wall maintaining the same posture. Repeat this daily till you get habitual of standing straight.

right posture

 Daily Walk 

A daily walk is very essential for the body as it helps in not only losing excess body fat but also maintains its right posture. To get desired results from the daily walk you have to walk correctly. Walk at least for 20 minutes daily by maintaining “Standing straight” posture. This daily practice will make your body as you dreamt of.

right posture


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