In such an era where people are so much conscious about their physical appearance, they always try to look perfect to others. To achieve this goal they even risk their precious bodies to various experiments for beauty purpose. This consciousness has exceeds its limits among people belonging to TV industry and Hollywood ranks at the top as it is very much obsessed with people who undergo various surgeries just to look more better but mostly all their tries go in vain and they end up with extremely awful results.
Here is a list of 10 famous stars from Hollywood who undergone facial surgery and simply messed up with that.

Meg Ryan Before And After Facial Surgery

Meg Ryan is an American director and producer, formerly an actress. She began her career with minor roles in 1981.She had very charming young looks but in the lust of becoming more beautiful she met a plastic surgeon and got a forhead lift, botox and cheeks fat grafting that simply ruined her facial structure and made her acting career standstill.

facial surgery

Michael Jackson Before And After Facial Surgery

Michael Jackson was a very popular pop singer and dancer.Just like others, he underwent almost 10 procedures in 10 years to make his facial skin white and beautiful but he ended up with very awful results that completely ruined his facial looks.

facial surgery

Donatella Versace Before And After Facial Surgery

Formerly known as “Queen Of Fashion”, Donatella Versace is now no more than a lady with simply fake and older looks. She is almost unrecognizable and and a master piece of wrong facial surgery. In the past decade she tried many procedures like face lift and lip augmentations but everything she tried , ruined her beauty more than before.

facial surgery

Joan Van Ark Before And After Facial Surgery

Joan Van Ark, a famous soap actress also tried a facial surgery that resulted in destroying her beauty. Her facial looks are now like a transgender. She had amazing lips that are now completely ruined due to lips augmentation.

facial surgery

Nikki Cox Before And After Facial Surgery

She had undoubtedly amazing young facial features that made every man fall in love with her. However, in a desire of becoming more beautiful, she underwent surgeries that brought great disaster to her natural beauty. Now her face is simply fake and unattractive.

facial surgery

Lil Kim Before And After Facial Surgery

She always tries to change her appearance from time to time either by makeup or by surgery but this has simply ruined her natural facial features and now her face simply looks like of plastic.

facial surgery

Hunter Tylo Before And After Facial Surgery

The famous actress from “The Bold and the Beautiful”, Huter Tylo has now ruined her amazing natural beauty by facelifts and lip injections. She was naturally beautiful, gorgeous and attractive but now a lady with fake and unattractive facial features.

facial surgery

Daryl Hannah Before And After Facial Surgery

She ruined her face in a lust for looking younger but ended up with her looks more aged than her actual age. She denies going under the knife ever but her face clearly reveals the truth.


Kylie Jenner Before And After Facial Surgery

This beautiful actress with young looks has also tried to do something with her lips but yet they are fine and not that much ruining her natural beauty. She has not undergone surgery though but she takes temporary lip fillers. However, she should go back to her natural facial features as they were more charming.

facial surgery

Courteney Cox Before And After Facial Surgery

During her days of famous sitcom “friends” she was very fresh faced actress but after that, she had a botox that became her addiction leaving her face puffy and unfresh.

facial surgery

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