5 Digital Trends of 2016


5 Digital Trends of 2016


The basic core concept behind any development trend for the coming year is that the business need to emphasize their focus on what the customers need and what are their expectations. The customer segment of the market is a group that is very diversely fragmented and has very high hopes and very little patience for those who can’t keep up with their expectations.


Spend generously

Online advertisement and marketing is still very cheap but the increasing competition will raise the prices in no time. The rising prices of online advertisements will make the situation hard for many small business as they are already limited with their budget expenditures. They might find it difficult to survive as they try to spend in online marketing as their investments will not last for long periods.


SEO is changing big time

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is going to change in a dramatic manner in the coming year and the next ones. The key role here played is by social media in this change bringing. Now the social media is indexed by Google meaning being you presence on the social media is going to influence the search results. In part, Siri and other competitors also have a major role to play in this. These intelligent assistants are now built in within the smartphones which are the technology of choice for many these days. As the smartphone browsing has overturned desktop browsing, these assistants are becoming less gawky, people will start using these assistants to find what they need. So as a business you need to understand the importance of these applications and start patterning you strategies accordingly rather than completely negating them.


High expectations of customers will keep on climbing

Seamless e-commerce experiences like targeting, personalization and re-targeting will be given more and more importance in the coming year, perhaps more than ever before. The average or regular customer experience is not going to work very well from now on. The new par for enhanced customer experience will be directed towards designing the experience as per the behavior of the each individual customer. And not just the behavior it should also be well tailored in accordance with the interests and activities both online and offline. The corporation will need to think about each and every one of their customers to design their services. The initiative is identified and its there but business around the world have to find the right tools for the execution in order to bring the experience to life in the coming year.


Power tools for one & all

As mentioned in the previous point that in order to work on the initiative the business have to develop the right set of tools for the execution. The increasing demand will make access to the integrative software more easier and even the small business will also be able to get their hands on these applications software. However there are many copy cat software available in the market which has diluted the structure yet the businesses will able to find some very powerful tools and this will enable the access to many parts of business which were not in the limelight.


Data focus

As these integrated software process more data and generate even more the media experts will shift their focus on data. Market metrics will be the centerpiece of this whole matter as media and marketing experts will take assistance from these metrics to inform priorities and develop strategies. These data driven strategies will be more dynamic and responsive to the markets.


Solve the issue of in-your-face marketing

The customers are sick and tired of these in-your-face marketing campaigns. Many of the users stop using the application after sometime if they are bombarded with advertisements. Therefor the experts need to design the campaigns in a certain way that should not halt the experience or usage of the customer. For this purpose many of the application designers have tried to integrate the advertisements with applications instead of keeping the users away from what they want to do. Now there are plenty of options available to the users and they can switch any time they want, good for them, but not for you as a business.


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