Things That Will Take You Back In Your Childhood Time!


Things That Will Take You Back In Your Childhood Time!


Childhood is the phase of life which we all cherish the most. Nobody seems to get far away from the memories of the-good-old-days. When we grow up most of those things don’t even matter much but at that time they were more important than anything in the world. This article also gives you a list that will take you straight to your childhood and an old chapter will open up right in front of your eyes. So, without any further delay lets see the list,


  • Gameboys – Gameboys were a huge hit way before PlayStation and iPads and all the gadgets that kids have access to these days. Gameboys were the coolest things ever on the planet.


  • A collection of markers – Imagine the number of markers that we had in each of our early school years, wow, start counting.

collection of markers

  • Napster – This was pirating music before it was declared to be piracy. You always wait anxiously for the time to get your hands on it and download as many tracks as possible in least amount of time.


  • MSN Chat & mIRC – Lord Almighty, this is really getting very old now. Does any one remember this? Or I have another question, how on earth did anyone know what was going on then?


  • The rainbow pen challenge – Yes, you did it alright.

 rainbow pen

  • Slides & Merry-go-rounds – Who can ever forget to slide down essentially from every high place we could find back in the day whether it be a traditional slide, a slide in the water park or just rolling down the inclined surfaces and then there were merry-go-rounds which for some of us was pretty close to something like tornadoes.

merry go round

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies – Oh, these were the bomb. We use to collect each and every variety that was available on the plate. We always thought that there are more to be found in the kitchen like some kind of a hidden treasure.

 chocolate chip cookies

  • The Legend says that the blue part of the rubber erases ink – This legend made the eraser “”a must have” tool in our pencil box, but not with any intention of using.


  • The super Disney collection – So, how big was your collection?


  • Water guns – Oh those legendary wars!

 water gun

  • Cupcakes – Speaking of cookies another bundle of joy that comes to mind is a tray full of colorful cupcakes. These were something more then gems and jewels. Still remember to hop around near mom when she was getting the tray out from the oven.

 cup ckaes

  • Stamps – The trend of stamping every page of the notebook..

 stamps collection

  • The crayon master – Crayola 96 Crayons, the art of being most popular kid in the class.


  • 3D Pinball Space Cadet – Just to pass time when there was any issue with the internet connection.


  • Monopoly – Oh yeah!


  • Drink in favorite Disney mugs to enhance the flavor – It really did taste better, no?

disney mug

  • Super Mario – Talking about the games, who can ever forget Super Mario game and all its versions. We just can’t get enough of it ever. Even now if you here the soundtrack of that game you will understand what we are talking about here.

super mario

  • Tetris – Everyone of us has gone through this hardcore tetris phase of life where you only know one thing to do and that is to turn on the screen and start building the blocks and score as much as possible.


  • The Ice Cream Man – Finally someone with real Santa Clause spirit, but of course you have to pay for your gifts here. May be they miss us too because back in the day these ice cream men use to get a lot of business, now you might find a couple of kids here and there around the guy.

icecream amn

  • Tag! You’re it! – The hot favorite of all, this game would probably have a million versions going around all over the world but you know what we are talking about here whatever the version of your Tag! Was.

tag game

  • Sticker collection – Surely everyone would have had a massive stash of stickers somewhere in their bedrooms under the bed. Every kind of sticker is there in the collection and this might beat the shelf of any stationary in the market yet the urge to collect more remains.


  • Video Tapes – Children of this age will never get to do what we used to do with video tapes yes, you know what I am talking about, the rewinding and forwarding thing with the VCRs.


  • The fever of the Millennium – All we talk about was millennium, hearing to the songs and then that Earthquake Alignment which should have brought he Armageddon in May 2000, yet at that time the alignment of the planets was something pretty cool.


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