Make a Snowman in Winters


Make a Snowman in Winters


Feeling bored while staying at home, not doing much in the snowy winter? Let’s turn that boredom into snow-much-fun. Surely you have made many snowmen before but have you ever tried to give it some true character apart from just naming it? This is not that difficult, you just need to build a basic snowman with some shovel scoops here and there and put a few buttons and a carrot and you get your snowman. But if your really need some individuality in your snowman then read through to the end. You need to get following essentials for building that right snowman:


  • First of all you need a pair of warm and waterproof gloves and boots along with ski pants for yourself because you are going to spend sometime out in the cold and we don’t want you catch it.
  • An ice cream spade
  • A bucket
  • Soil scoop for general use
  • A big thermos for holding the water you need to make the slush
  • A corer used for apples, this is needed for making the hole in the face for the carrot
  • And various stalwart spoons


Now you are all set to make those snowmen and give them a character to personify. You can choose anyone of the following list of snowmen and start digging.


Meet The Snow Family


Items Required

5 knit hats, 10 pipe cleaners, 5 small carrots, 10 large buttons and 5 old sweaters or long scarves.



  • Make approximately 10 inch sized snowballs, a bunch of them and stack them up in towers. Fill the gaps with slush and make them smooth, creating narrow bodies. You don’t need to make them stand upright as this will take away the joy-side of the visual effect.
  • Now create the head by adding a ball on each of the body. Make sure that the size of the head does not vary from the size of your hats.
  • Then wrap a long scarf just under the head. You can also cut some old sweaters into long stripes and sew them together.
  • Thread in the pipe cleaner through each button and insert the buttons in each head for the eyes of the snowmen.
  • In the end stick that carrot in the face for the nose and place the hat on the top.


Mr. & Mrs. Winters – A cozy couple


Items Required

4 pieces or rocks or coals, 4 long skewers made of wood, 2 colorful enamel pots, 2 mittens, 2 pipe cleaners, 2 scarves, 2 carrots, a rolling pin or any other kitchen utensil such as a wooden spoon, old eyeglasses and an apron.



  • Because the bodies of the couple are going to be heavy so use egg-shaped snowball scoops sized approximately 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Make them lean towards each other from the top. As one of them is woman so tie the apron onto it and pack in more snow to build the arms.
  • Now considering the bodies, place large snowballs for the heads which should be around a foot across each. Place the pots over the heads for their hats. You can stick a rubber glove on the woman’s hat to give it a look of a flower.
  • Take the mittens and fill them up with snow and hold them against the bodies. Poke a skewer through the mitten and into the body to fix its place and do the same with other mittens.
  • Twist the pipe cleaner around one end of the rolling pin (or any other kitchen utensil used) and leave the ends to stick them into the bodies.
  • Now give both the bodies a scarf, buttons for eyes and carrot for nose. You can also use licorice for giving them a smile.


A few tips & tricks for rookies

  • Begin by making a batch of snowballs and placing them somewhere in the shade. After you are done with the snowballs then start the building process.
  • Always use wet snow for getting desired results.
  • If the snow is dry, you can always use some water to make the slush.
  • If sun comes out and it starts to melt the snow then dig in deeper to find the snow which is closest to the ground, as this snow will be colder.
  • Flatten the top of the snowballs when you are stacking them up, this will give them a better support.
  • Fill some snow in your hats and mittens to give them a better shape.


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