How To Make Snowflake Yourself?


How To Make Snowflake Yourself?


There is going to be a plenty of snow after the weekend when the snowstorm is over and if you are tired of all those usual boring winter activities such as snowball fights and sledding then why not try making your own snow fort. The activity is very healthy for a good family fun time and it will give you a place to hangout until the weather evens up. However, before making this snow fort, always have a guard outside waiting for pull you out in case of collapse. This is a family activity and must only be done with several number of people. You should use water proof gloves for this which you can easily find at any sportswear store. This will keep you hands warm and cozy and will keep you from any discomfort.



 how to make paper snowflake

  • First of all think about the design of the fort you want to build for yourself or for your family, structure it in your mind. These forts can be simple with single wall or can have a more complex design with as much as four walls with a roof.
  • The main requirement here is the amount of snow hence, you need to keep in mind the length and height of your fort and the amount of snow required to make it. The usual adequate height for the walls of the fort is four feet.
  • Appropriate size measurement is needed and can be done with help of a branch or a shovel in order to mark out the perimeters for the fort. If you have low amount of snow then go for the fort with a single wall.
  • Search for a snowdrift for your fortress this will help you by easing up the building process. If you can’t find a snowdrift for yourself then you can easily make one by using the snow from the driveway or nay place you can find it.
  • You have to be absolutely sure that your snow is dense and you can test its density by making a snowball. If the ball sticks then it is ideal for building the fort.
  • If the snow is not dense then you can use snow bricks and buckets to make it thick. You can also pour water over it to harden the soft snow up.




  • Start by building the walls using packed snow and do not forget to make them exactly perpendicular on the inside otherwise, they will fall apart. While using bricks, use the layering technique of a bricklayer by leaving space of few inches between each brick and stack them up by bestriding two brick under one. While being in a snowdrift, burrow into the pile using your hands or a shovel. Start with an entrance and then make a room on the inside.
  • You must pack the exterior of the fort with more snow to give extra support. If you have used the brick-layering technique then fill the the cracks and smooth the sides using a shovel.
  • Pour water over in order to form the protective layers of your fort. This will turn the water into ice and it will harden the structure of the fort working just like cement. Make sure to start from the bottom to solidify the base first and the weather temperature should be below freezing as well.




  • You use food coloring in water an pour this mixture over your desired areas and give them color. During the building process you can also dye the blocks by adding colored water or color for spray bottle. You can also spray the snow of the castle after building process is complete. This will allow you color the fort in a more shaped form.
  • You can use low-powered LED bulbs to illuminate your fort. These bulbs will generate less heat thus, will not cause the melting.
  • In the end if you are left with abundant snow yet then you can make guardians for your fort as well. You can easily build guardian snowmen and you can add other decorative items as well flags for your fort. You can also make furniture within your fort with excessive snow or can carve some designs into the walls for a more custom finish.

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