How to Get Married if Your Parents are Divorced?


How to Get Married if Your Parents are Divorced?


As an adult you might be going through some difficult times handling your emotions while tackling your divorced parents. Children do tend to be a little different if they grow up with divorced parents and if you are on of them and you want to get married then you need to hear what we have to say. This article will give you some tips to take care of some awkward moments that might be lingering around due to the troubled relationship of your parents.


If they both do not get along with each other

  1. Have an ever-ready distraction to keep yourself out of the misery. If you have someone from your close friends or relations they can always draw the attention and pull you out of a trouble. They can also be on a close look out on things around you.
  2. Tell you parents to be nice at the ceremony otherwise they don’t have to be there at all. Tell them that it is your time and give them something to hold on to.
  3. Prepare them mentally by letting each of them know that the other one is going to be at the wedding. This way you will give them sometime to prepare themselves for the moment.


Avoid the awkward situation

  1. Make sure and we do mean, make sure that the photographers does not make your parent hold each others hands for the family shot or else.
  2. Same goes with the DJ too, do tell him that your parents are divorced. You don’t want him to address them as Mr. and Mrs, simple as that.


Make the both feel honored

  1. If you want your ceremony to be special than you need to take an account of the desires from both the sides and not to ignore anything, involve them both in important decisions. This way you will be the pride for them both.
  2. Assign both the parties with some important tasks for instance you can ask your dad to walk you down the aisle and ask your mom to be a witness for the register. You can also mix the tables among the family and friends.
  3. If you currently live with your step parents then you can split the tasks between them and your biological parents. For example you can walk half way down the aisle initially with your step dad and then your biological father can continue with you through to the end.


If they accuse you of favoritism

  1. If they accuse you of favoritism then get someone else of the relatives to get involved in the tasks like your brother or sister.
  2. A good friend can do this job as well.
  3. The best thong is to choose a venue far off from both the residencies somewhere in neutral territory.
  4. You also have to be fair with the invitations on both sides. If your dad gets to invite 4 of his friends then you mom should also have the same favor.
  5. Make all the tables special and of equal importance. For this you can name your tables instead of giving them numbers.


Control the situation before it gets to you

  1. Sometimes you might feel that the people around you are starting to fade and are getting noisy then don’t hesitate to be the source of energy that you want to see in your wedding.
  2. Some things just don’t add up, same goes with some people, make sure that they are not part of your special time for instance, the new girlfriend of your dad.
  3. Clearly mention the schedule on both sides to give them a preparatory chance for the ceremony.


Done all under your powers, yet worried

  1. Sometimes people do tend to be more than what you expect from them so, don’t worry about it to much and enjoy your time after all, its your wedding.
  2. The haters will never stop so best them by avoiding them. You can’t make everyone happy at all times.
  3. Don’t be too curious about the seating plan because they are just sitting to eat and there is nothing to be taken so personal here.
  4. Respectfully, tell your parents to let some steam off, at least for this occasion and enjoy the moment for your happiness.
  5. Don’t thing that if your parents have gone through some dismal times then you are also destined for the same you are different from you parents so don’t be like them.
  6. Have some faith in your parents you don’t know what parents can do to watch the joyous moments of their kids.

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