18 Tips to Stay Warm in Cold Winter


18 Tips to Stay Warm in Cold Winter


When those Fahrenheit numbers get low, it become very hard to live and work in a climate where even a glass of water freezes into hard ice. That is why this article explains you to exercise some methodologies to keep yourself and your loved ones warm all the way through the cold weather. Now you can easily stay warmer for longer no matter how low the outside temperature is,


  1. Warm yourself first then the room

warm urself first

Always warm yourself up before start caring about the room temperature. You are going to take a less amount of time to warm up as compared to a room so, make yourself feel comfortable first and then make the room temperature comfortable.


  1. Turn on the ceiling fan to bring the warm air down

turn on the ceiling fan

This might be shivering your timbers but it actually works, by turning on the ceiling fan on low will bring down warm lighter air from the upper portion of the room.


  1. Use both warm & cold showers

shower bath

While taking a bath use warm shower to retain the body heat while cold showers can really be helpful in improving the immune system of your body, hence, they both are very important.


  1. Block the door drafts

blocking the door drafts

Its those pesky door drafts that are the silent culprits, they contribute a lot towards the lowering the room temperature and making you feel cold. Try to stick in some pool noodle which will turn your room into a giant thermos.


  1. Maintain your room temperature even when you are outside

room heaters

Use an automatic programmable thermostat to maintain the warmness of your so that when you return you don’t have to tackle the room which is even colder than outside.


  1. Cover your windows with wool curtains

wool curtains

If you don’t want to go outside wearing sleeveless tops then same goes with your windows as well. Covering them up with thick cloth or wool curtains will hugely contribute in maintaining the room temperature and keeping it warm.


  1. In kitchen, baking can help the situation

baking in a kitchen

Baking can do the job for you in keep the inside of your house warm. You can go for cookies, cake, pizza, or whatever just start working around with your oven and you will feel the difference.You can also invite some of your friends and have a cozy time while noshing on the muffins perhaps.


  1. Composting is the way to go


When some organic waste decomposes it releases heat so if your are planning for composting already, your are on the right track.


  1. Keep the thin blankets on the top


Always keep the thin blankets on the top and its also generally recommended that the fluffier blankets should be closest to the the skin so keep your blankets in this order and you will not feel any discomfort while sleeping.


  1. Put some hand warmers in your jacket pockets

hand warmers

Using those hand warmers within the jacket or coat pockets can really do the trick and keep you safe in those blizzards.


  1. Wear some clothes on the inside like under-layer


While during Winter season never forget to layer your clothes and the first one is going to be the most inner one that protects your body from any cold sneaking in.


  1. Use a waterproof layer of clothing when things might get wet

wearing long jackets

Whenever you go outside and their is a chance of getting wet, even a slim one, then use a waterproof layer of clothing to protect your clothes from damping.


  1. There is a heat-retaining layer of clothes as well

heat retaining jacket

Just over the under-layer there is another layer of clothing with a purpose to retain the body heat and keep you warm even outside.


  1. Cover your heads and limbs

cover your head and limbs

At times we do protect our body with so many layers but forget to protect the extremities like our head, hands and feet. Use appropriate and warm gear for the season to keep in in control.


  1. Drink or eat warm

drinking coffee

Carry on drinking or eating something warm as this will generate heat from the inside of your body and keep you warm on the outside.


  1. Be active & move around

walking in winters

We know the winter cold can makes it hard to move and be active but if you do so it can be very helpful in maintaining the body heat due to the circulation of blood.


  1. Focus on heating one main room instead of many

bed heating

Try to focus on heating one main central room instead of the whole house so stay intact in one room, it will get warmer quickly due to lot of presence.


  1. Make you bed warm before you get into one

heating your room

Using a hot water bottle for this purpose can really assist you getting into the cold bed for a good night sleep.


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  2. Johnathan says:

    Draught excluders for by doors.There’ss of different sites online that show you how to make them from bits you have at home.

    Black out blinds,keep the room warm in the winter and help keep it cooler in the summer they also help keep the early sunshine in the summer out of the bedrooms waking people up.You can but them pretty cheaply from argos and you just cut them to size.

    Curtains with lining you can buy them or if you want to save some money if you have a fabric shop near you you can buy black out lining for curtains and sew them into the curtains yourself.

    There’s also a clear film that you can buy to put onto your windows that’s supposed to be good at helping keep the heat in.

    For heat that’s lost from radiators place tinfoil(bacofoil type)cut some cardboard to size and then cover in the foil and then attach against the wall behind the radiator and it reflects the heat back into the room.

    Make sure there’s no loose or missing tiles on your roof as that makes a hige difference to lost heat.

    Insulate your attic if it’s not allready insulated.There are step by step videos online showing you how to.

    Make sure the hatch to your attic is well fitted any gaps will let the winter winds flow through your house.

    If you have wooden flooring,place some rugs down where people sit so feet are kept warm.

    Hot water bottles you can get from 99p stores and poundlands place one in each bed 30 minutes before people go to bed to make it nice and warm when they go to get in.

    With Heating put it onto a timer so it comes on for 30 minutes before everyone get’s up so you all get upto a nice warm home.And then so it comes on again when everyone’s going to have baths and showers for 30-45 minutes again so the house heats up ready for when LO’s are coming out of baths/showers.

    Make sure everyone has dressing gowns,slippers or slipper socks for first thing in the morning and the evening and blankets or throws for a dip in the temperature in the day or evening before the heating comes on.

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