14 Ways To Drink More Water Daily


14 Ways To Drink More Water Daily


We all know how good water is for the health or our mind and body, yet we always be reluctant to drink of it more, always try to find reasons not to drink it more and this is something we need to avoid. Approximately 60% of our body is based on water more then just being an integral component drinking water keeps us energetic and takes away the harmful substances on its way out. Though there isn’t a single scientific confirmation on the exact amount of water that is to be consumed in day. We all tend to hover around those delicious drinks, most of them are processed and therefore, are not very good for the health. However, if you are not very use to drink water or not very fond of it then here are a few things to trick yourself to drink water everyday.


  1. Add some flavor

adding flavour

For many, the least interesting thing about drinking water is its tastelessness therefore, you can add some flavor to your glass of water by adding some chunks of juicy or citric fruits, you can also add some slices of cucumbers.


  1. Link a glass of water with some of your routine activities

drinking water with routine activities

Either at home or at office you should link a glass of water with your daily activities such as drinking a glass after a bathroom break or drinking after brushing your teeth in the morning or right before your lunch or breakfast.


  1. Have a full cup before every meal

drinking water before meal

This very important, having a full cup of water before each meal will make your tummy full and you will not have those cravings to eat everything on the table.


  1. Set certain goal for a day


You can find out your daily requirement of water and set a specific goal for yourself. You have the whole day to achieve this goal but keep it in your priorities.


  1. Drink unsweetened tea

sweetened water

This is very useful to get you convenient with drinking water daily without any issue. By drinking sweetened tea we are making our tongues not to get along with tasteless fluids like water so try to drink unsweetened tea and you will feel more comfortable drinking water.


  1. You can track your water drinking activities


If you have plenty of difficulties in tracking the amount of consumption of water during a day then you can always use a smartphone application designed to serve this purpose. Daily Water, Waterlogged and Carbodroid are the best ones to use.  


  1. You can also use high tech water bottle for this

high tech water bottle

You can go on further by introducing a water bottle gadget that measures each cup that you drink from it on daily basis and sends an alert on your smartphone. Now that’s smart drinking.


  1. Always use a straw

close-up of a woman drinking lemonade with a straw

You will not believe this but using a straw while drinking water will make you drink more and drink faster so this can really prove to be beneficial for you.


  1. Try to forget drinking those thick juices and dilute them with ice and water

no thick juices

Just give up on those thick, delicious and tasteful fruit juices, they are not good for your health as they have added preservatives. However, if you can’t think about living without them then you can always add ice or water to lower the density and thickness.


  1. Keep a jug of water around as a reminder

filtered water

Keep a jug of water around you in you kitchen or at you office or near your bed and try to use water bottles which are marked, this will remind you the amount you have consumed and the amount which is still to be worked on.


  1. Water filtered through a purifier tastes better

The water that passes through those purifiers taste way better then the one from the tap. For many this is also a reason that they are not very good in drinking water.


  1. Emphasize on eating foods that are water-rich


Go for the foods that are highly water based such as cucumber, zucchini, watermelon, and grapefruit.


  1. Try to add more spices to your meals

more spices

Try to eat spicy foods or sprinkle some chili flakes over your meal and you will be reaching out for water more often.


  1. Adopt 1-1 rule while you drink alcohol

We would recommend not to drink alcohol but if you have to, then drink water with it “1-1 rule – once glass of alcohol, one glass of water” this will keep you from those nasty hangovers.


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