The Screenplay of The Boy (2016)-Stacey Menear


Stacey Menear – The screenplay of The Boy (2016)


The Boy is going to be released this Friday on 22nd January, 2016 and the script has been written by Stacey Menear originally under the title In A Dark Place. However, the movie was retitled as The Inhabitant and now it has been given another name The Boy under which it is going to be released. The writer has already claimed some critical fame with the previous work Mixtape which was an un-produced credit. However, this time around the writer get it through to the production work. This film is a supernatural horror film and is directed by William Brent Bell who has previously directed The Devil Inside. Lauren Cohen is in the lead role of Greta, for the movie who is the fan favorite in the television series The Walking Dead so, we have fairly experienced people who have been doing a pretty good job in the horror department. The filming began on 10th March, 2015 while it has been completed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


The Boy is about Greta, a young lady, who visits a remote village in United Kingdom from America, for the job of a nanny. When she arrives at the place where she is hired she comes to know that she is going to be the nanny of a boy who actually is a life-sized porcelain doll and is thought to be a real child by the parents in order to cope with the death of Brahams, their son. Then Greta discovers that the doll is alive or is possessed by the spirit of the dead son. Now what she has to do is to very strictly follow a set of rules that are handed over to her. If she does not follow any single rule, she will go through some seriously disturbing moments and she is enormously scared this is not going to last for certain amount of time period, there is no end to this. The rules that are to be followed by Greta are, No Boyfriends, Dress him each morning, Kiss him goodnight, Never leave him alone, Never go in the attic, Help with studies and last but no the least Never cover his face.


As soon as the parents determine that Greta has understood her job they go for a 3 month vacation leaving her with the doll/boy all alone in this very large house. In the beginning she handles the situation as any body would in this scenario, she throws a blanket one the scary doll and goes on with her day and there is sweet looking grocery boy Malcolm who comes in to deliver the grocery once in a while. She also give some updates about her stupid ex-boyfriends to her sister over the phone.


Then strange and creepy things start to happen, Brahams isn’t always there were she leaves him, her clothes start to move and one evening her meal gets vanished for good. She thinks that may be Malcolm is behind all this but then she realizes that when the she follow the rules these things don’t happen again. Now the question is, has the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire selected Greta or is she chosen one for the job, so that they could get away from the boy or may be it really has something to do with the other world.


The screenplay is very horrific and after Mixtape Stacey has proven himself once again that he has all the abilities that a great script writer should have. Mostly the writers make the mistake that make make it seem to obvious like who is the villain and who is our hero. For instance, you know the parent have left and the girl is all alone in the house with that doll so that doll is going to make the life of the girl, miserable and we want to continue with the story in order to know what happened to the girl. But Stacey does it differently, throughout the script mentioning of that Greta’s stupid ex-boyfriend, Cole continues and every now and then Malcolm also drops by for the food, who is like very cute boy-next-door and is the love interest of Greta. He is also a link to the past of Heelshires which he is not very comfortable to talk about or again may be the doll is really possessed.

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