The Boy – Follow His Rules (2016)


The Boy (2016) – The Rules


The Boy is about the a young woman named Greta, who is an an American girl who visits a remote village in United Kingdom after being hired as a nanny. When she reaches her destination she finds out that she is hired to take care of a boy who actually is a life size porcelain doll which is treated by the parents like their real child so that they can cope with the death of their son Brahams. But here is a twist in the tale Greta discovers that the  doll named Brahams is actually alive or in other words, it is possessed and she has to follows a set of rules that are given to her by the parents. She goes through some disturbing moments while not abiding by the rules and she is incredibly terrified that she is going to face this horrifying tale in her dreams till the end of eternity.


The movie has some pretty good and experienced actors and the movie is all set to give its viewers some shocking scenes they to think about for a good length of period. The film is all set to release this Friday and we are ready for Brahams and the rules. The movie was was previously named as The Inhabitant but was retitled as The Boy. This film is directed by William Brent Bell and has been written by Stacey Menear. All of the scenes of this movies have been shot in Victoria, BC.


You will not think of being a nanny, the same way again cause you have no idea how much malevolent a child can be either living or dead! Well probably, the writer of the film has got something against the nannies cause she definitely wants those nannies to be attentive at their workplace. The film is actually based on the doll named Brahams and the rules of nannying. The doll wants its caregiver to be absolutely possessive about it. As for any babysitter there are certain rules that are to be followed such as changing the clothes, regular and timely feeding and assisting with studies etc. Similar is the case with this sinister doll however, the consequences are not restricted to not getting paid or loosing your job, they are far worse then that. The rules that are outlined here for the nanny are as follows,



  1. No Boyfriends
  2. Dress him each morning
  3. Kiss him goodnight
  4. Never leave him alone
  5. Never go in the attic
  6. Help with studies
  7. Never cover his face


Right, most of the rules are very much similar to what actually nannying is all about. You are not supposed to have any boyfriends, not where you are working because you are supposed to take care of the child at hand not spend time with your boyfriend, after all its your job not a date. However, in regular circumstances you will get fired for doing this but in case of Brahams, well just forget it. Then you have to dress the child up and get him/her ready for school or whatever they activities are, same goes with Brahams and then you have to kiss him goodnight and never leave him alone and keep and eye on him. Oh, and one thing is for sure, if you are not keeping an eye on him, he has definitely got his eyes on you. And the golden rule of them all just stay the heck away from that horrific attic. Why would you go in that dark attic on the first place, you have a job at hand for God’s sake, you are here to keep an eye on that doll or boy or whatever, and all you need to avoid is that attic, its that simple. The next rules says you have to help him with studies too, well there is nothing scary about it, a creepy possessed doll who is aware of the fact that studies are good in order to build a better future, but the issue is what would you do if the future is all about scares till all eternity. And in the end, the final rule, you are not to cover his face, no way, Brahams does not like that, and he does not care if his spooky white face scares you to death.

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