Make Yourself “FEEL GOOD” at the End of the Day


Make Yourself “FEEL GOOD” at the End of the Day


Feeling good about yourself matters a lot, both to you and the others around you. If you are feeling good you will share that emotion with others and make them feel good too, it really is something like you are radiating goodness and imparting it to others. But our life has become so hectic and busy that we tend to loose the energy and start being grumpy. There can be so many reason behind this, may be there was too much work load in the office or at school, may be something regretful happened in the day or may be you have involved yourself in some quarrel and said something that you shouldn’t have. Sometimes something crazy goes down and you start thinking that you are getting older and need to do something out of the sorts. May be, you are going through this right now, or just want to get rid of those mood swings. You need to adopt some useful habits if you want to feel good about yourself after all the duties and responsibilities of life. Because at the end of the day we all want to feel good about ourselves.


Get as far as possible from your computer


We spend far too much time of our day on the internet and this needs to be corrected, period. Yes, there is a lot to do and see on the internet but in the end, its virtual reality and you will feel depressed at some point when the crave for the tangibles comes in. So, spend your time wisely and do something useful.


Do something you have been delaying


This applies to everything including cleaning your room, paying your bills or may be finding the love of your life. After the accomplishment you will feel great and it will lower the burden on your mind as well especially if the thing was of great importance or urgency.


Smile more


Your smile can really make someone else happy and this can ultimately be reflective on you so, smile more. You can also get in front of the mirror and practice the smile that looks good on you. But be careful this getting-in-front-of-the-mirror things may involve vanity and you might end up taking bathroom selfies.


Make a call to anyone who is dear to you


After you have done all the work for the day and are relaxing in the bed with your pajamas on, make a call to your parents or to the person who you hold near your heart and tell them how your day went and ask them how have they spend their day.


Sing your heart out (but make sure no one is hearing!)


Whenever possible unleash those off-key notes that you have held captive all day whether you are in your car, your shower. Just make sure that you are not near any living human being otherwise you will surely ruin the day for someone else and that can hurt, real bad. Hope this point gets across.


Do a little exercise or walk

exercise daily

A little evening walk and or some light exercise is very good for health, this will keep your senses on track and you body in shape while your mind will feel refreshed. So, buy some timeout from your busy schedule and turn some music on to get you going.


Be positive & stay there


Try to think positively about everything and everybody even when you are down and not feeling alright. Try to bring positive thoughts to your mind or at least keep the negatives out.


Stop multitasking

Frustrated office work at his desk --- Image by © Blue Jean Images/Corbis

This is among the prime reasons why people feel so stressed. Don’t continue with your multitasking ability at home or with your family and friends. This feature is required at work so it better suits there where you are getting paid for it. Ease yourself up at home and relax and focus on the chores one at a time.


Never compromise your integrity or values


Ethics and values are directly linked with our emotional subconscious thus play an integral role in how we feel about something. If some particular activity you feel is not right then don’t do it. Never compromise your values in order to achieve something, you will not feel good about it even after your accomplishment.

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