Make Your Coffee Frothy – The How-To Guide


Make Your Coffee Frothy – The How-To Guide


If you are concerned about you health well, then this frothy coffee is not going to help you in any way nevertheless, if you want to make it to tickle your taste buds then certainly you can read this article till the end. We will guide you how to make that delicious foamy coffee for yourself with easy tips and without the use of any fancy tools and equipment. Many people do think that they cannot make froth appear on the top of a cup of coffee without any machine. We will guide you to make that happen, all you need to create that perfect froth from milk is a whisk made of wire or a plain old jar made of glass. The steps below will allow you drink your favorite coffee with froth everyday;


  1. For that Perfect Coffee


Step #1 Use fresh and cold milk

To create the perfect foam, the milk you use should be fresh and cold. The colder it is the better it will be to form the froth and ultimately your coffee will taste better.


Step #2 Don’t use skim or low-fat milk

Half-fat or whole milk will be the best choice because low-fat like 2% fat or skim milk might not give you the desired results. The foam will also taste sweeter when you use whole milk. But, you will still get the froth you want and using the right type of milk is a mere matter of preference however, the taste of the froth will be better with whole milk.


Step #3 Use good quality coffee

The taste of the coffee does not entirely depend upon the froth you have, the major component is still your coffee. Make sure that you use good quality coffee and make it strong. Froth is only there to enhance the flavor, the main role is still held by the good quality and strong coffee. Prepare the coffee before you began frothing your milk.


  1. Now for the frothy milk, follow these steps if you are using a wire whisk,


Step #1 Pour milk into saucepan

To begin with, pour some milk into saucepan or in a cup that can be used with microwave oven. You can also heat your saucepan or cup on stove, this completely depends upon your preference. For every cup of coffee ou will be needing approximately half cup of milk.


Step #2 Put the milk on high heat

If you are using stove to heat the milk then preheat the burner with medium heat and leave it until the steam starts to come out of the milk and if you are using microwave oven for the same purpose then place the saucepan or the cup in the microwave oven on high heat for at least 30 seconds and you will see the steam rising up from the milk.


Step #3 Create form using wire whisk

After heating the milk place a wire whisk in it and twiddle the whisk briskly for creating the foam and continue the twiddling until to get the desired amount of form for your coffee.


For the froth, follow these steps if you are using the glass jar,


Step #1 Pour desired amount of milk in a glass jar

If you are using a glass jar then it should be one with a tight lid, then pour the same amount of milk as in the previous procedure (approximately half cup) into the glass jar and make sure that the level of milk should not rise above the half way point because you need to have enough room for the froth to rise.


Step #2 Place the lid and shake the jar

After pouring in the milk of required amount tighten up the lid and shake the jar well for 30 seconds or until the milk has become double in size (which will take about 30 seconds).


Step #3 Microwave the milk after removing the lid

Next step is to get the lid off and place the glass jar in the microwave oven and heat it on the high for about 30 seconds or until the steam starts to come out of the milk (same as the previous procedure). This will stabilize the foam on the top of the milk in the microwave.


  1. Coming back to the coffee,


Step #4 Tap the bottom of the saucepan or cup

You need to tap the cup or saucepan with foamed milk to remove any large air bubbles  and this will compress you froth.


Step #5 Hold back froth from the milk while pouring it in the coffee with a spoon

In the end while pouring you milk in the coffee hold back the froth with a spoon and fill until the cup is two-third full then scoop the froth over the milky coffee with the spoon. And there it is, your frothy coffee is ready.

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