How To Keep That Bond Stronger With Your Partner

Your Partner & you: How to keep that bond stronger


To begin with you really nee to understand one thing that nobody is perfect and that includes you partner and even you. Many people in search of THE RIGHT person actually try to find the perfect person for themselves. What you need to understand is that love is not having the perfect person it actually is seeing a person perfectly even with flaws.

Your relationship with your partner is real life its not some fairy tale or a romantic movie. Yes, everyone loves to marry a person who is perfect like those in the movies but what the movies lack is the reality. The person you marry is not only the dream individual but also a human with some issues and faults just like anyone else. Even in movies, have you ever noticed that why the features like Titanic or Romeo and Juliet touch our heart so much and why we never get tired of watching them? The simple reason is that they both end up where the partners don’t meet each other, the absence of the lover.

You do and understand what happens to your feelings and your day to day life if you don’t have anyone around to give love, you will feel discomfort. Yet when they are around you start to hesitate and be reluctant. Intimacy is the real world substitute of fantasy of romantic love. Now, to develop this intimacy you can follow these easy points,

See your partner in REALITY


To begin with you need to see your partner who s/he really is on the inside. Trouble starts to set in when you don’t see them as they are, you are trying to see what you want to see and this is wrong. You will realize that you don’t really know your partner on the first place.

Always learn from past experiences


Ups and downs come in every relation, there is not much concern in it however, if you do not take anything away from your previous experience then you really need to dig in deep. If you do have a fight don’t start the blame game or start pointing fingers instead just remain calm and focus on correcting the issue, just make it right.

Give your partner some space and it will work for you too


Whenever you have a dispute with your partner just give them a bit of space just stay away for a little time and get back to your life. Spend some time alone, this does not mean that your life is empty and you don’t have love in it, this will help you to maintain focus.

Focus on the point where the issue generated


While you are alone think of the starting point of the issue, then think about your partner’s view point and see what you can do about it. Some people fight with each other to create separateness and they makeup again and again, this gives that romantic touch a continuous loop.



This is arguably the most important point of making a relationship wholesome. Share your daily life with your partner, ask them how they feel, tell them how you feel. Sharing is the real essence of intimacy, the joy and loveliness of sharing your life with your partner can really make things special.

Expand your heart and give love


Another very important point that you are not the center of attraction don’t consider yourself always on the receiving end, your partner also requires the same attention and focus from you so expand your heart and spread love.

Don’t let expectations ruin your relationship


Expectations only up the anti and make the real world unreal and when you get the reality then you will feel heartbroken. Don’t expect too much, just keep it simple and real and emphasize on offering and nurturing yourself when you feel you need it.

Become expert on your partner


You need to identify your partner in order to become and expert on him/her. Ask yourself who your partner is in reality and what makes him/her happy? Don’t get overly consumed by your own thinking. Keep the balance right, after all it about your partner AND you, together.

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