Be Chatty and Confident. Your Disable, So What!


Be Chatty and Confident. Your Disable, So What!


Sometimes we blindly go after materialistic objects and when fail in their attainment we tend to get way too far while not being grateful for so many things that we do have in our life, just ask those people who are disable, life can be so harsh and cruel. People who are disable tend to feel like they are not part of this world and this causes a lot of undermining of confidence to interact and communicate with other people. However, this article will allow you to boost your confidence in yourself and cope with these difficulties in an effective way;


Give good compliments to others


Everybody loves appreciation and if you find someone doing something very good then be the first one to show your admiration. This will enable others to keen listen what you have to say. Give people some good compliments and they will like to be in your company and this will surely give you more confidence in yourself.


Be devoted to whatever you do


Due to the reason that people with disabilities are very commonly denounced and misunderstood, you might develop some sort of lack of confidence in yourself. So, why not pick up a specific task and excel in it with all the dedication in the world. For instance, if you are a student you can spend a lot of time with your books and try to perform well in your class. May be you are employed somewhere, then try to be proactive do all the assignment with complete dedication. Why not go for volunteering for some cause or an event, this will allow you to face people and improve your confidence big time.


Be expressive

be expressive

Now you have laid a platform for yourself, but don’t get upset if nobody comes to have a chat with you, you can do that all by yourself,nobody is going to harm you for having a talk. You can start by saying “hello” or “hi” or “what’s up?” but don’t forget to be confident and cheerful. Use whatever means available to you in order to convey your message to others and you will get a good response for sure.


Try to help others & solve the problem

helping others

You must be able to build enough confidence in yourself that you can solve the problems of others. Try to offer your help to those who are in difficulty and give them your best assistance that you can offer. You are doing something really good and will definitely get noticed for it by someone and this will lead you to have a friend and others will come to a realization that how nice and cool you are.


Some healthy tips


  • Never allow the negative thoughts to enter your mind and get the best of you. Whenever, these thoughts start to develop just take a deep breath every now and then and have a go at those inspirational sayings, you will find them very helpful.


  • Don’t ever feel ignored and underestimated, you are not disabled, you are special and that is precisely why you are on this earth to make the difference. You have all the abilities in the world like other people and you have know reason to feel disgraced about yourself from any point of view.


  • Do not tell a lie ever in your entire life, just abstain from this act unless its absolutely end-of-the-world necessary.


  • Keep going and keep up the good work that you have been doing all this time otherwise you will loose the image that you have able to craft out for yourself with so much effort.


Never loose faith in yourself, you are complete individual just like others. Nobody is perfect in this world. The most important things are tough character and strong will, if you have these you will be able to conquer anything in the world, just believe in yourself. Many people who look so perfect are full of imperfections, besides we are humans not gods, we are not meant to be perfect. But one thing that really outshines everything else is a beautiful soul hence, never forget that you are as beautiful as anybody else out there.


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