A Review of The Boy (2016)


The Boy (2016) – A Review


The Boy is coming to haunt you this Friday on 22nd January, 2016 and it is going to change the way you think about childcare. The Boy is written by Stacey Menear while this horror flick is directed by William Brent Bell who has been very successful in scaring the audience with his previous work in Stay Alive (2006), The Devil Inside (2012) and Wer (2013). Lauren Cohen of television series The Walking Dead is in the lead role of Greta. The screenplay is very horrific and after Mixtape Stacey has proven himself once again that he has all the abilities that a great script writer should have. As per the script he has successfully kept a suspense that who is actually behind the whole situation of that doll and what really happened to Brahams.

William Brent Bell on “The Boy”


Bell is not new to the horror movies, in fact a majority of his previous work was based on horror movies and he really did well with The Devil Inside where on a shoestring budget the movies did an incredible business both in the domestic market as well as abroad. In one of his interviews he has mentioned while telling that the story is about a young woman (Greta) who, while trying to escape from her miserable life due to his abusive boyfriend, goes to another country and finds a job for babysitting a kid and when she reaches there she finds that the parents are quiet old and their kid is an 8 year old porcelain doll and they have a lot of strict rules for their boy because they have never left him alone.


While talking about the script Bell says that there is so much that happens in the movie which is so very interesting for a horror flicks. He adds that “it is so layered, so cared to driven, so subtle and yet very frightening, and it lead to a twist, which is just a bonus.” When he started to work on the film he mentioned to his crew that he wants to make this movie a classic, not just a plain old scary movie.


While discussing about the characters of Heelshires he says that they are very old and rich and they have a child at a very old age. When we see them they are 60, very old to have an 8 year old son so may be they had the child when they were 30 and he would have died 20 or 30 years ago. About the character of Malcolm, Bell poses a question that may be he is the ally of Greta and may be he would help her in understanding the rules and the Heelshires and of course the doll. And the intriguing thing is that Malcolm and Brahams almost look alike because they dress the same way, they have exact same hair style and they are of same age (of course if Brahams would have lived till today). It is very interesting to know that who he really is and why is he there and how does he know so much about the Heelshires.


Bell says that when he first talked to Laura Cohen on Skype, half way across the world, he knew that she is the ideal individual for the character of Greta, because she is as likable and beautiful in a non-traditional way as her role in the movie. While Rupert Evans is perfect for the role of Malcolm because sometimes it is very difficult for the actors when they have to say so many things and tell a lot of stories, all those monologues. Nevertheless, Rupert is so good at it that it becomes so captivating for the listener and he has the ability to keep the listener engaged for a long period of time.

Lauren Cohan as Greta Evans in ``The Boy.’’

In response to the question asked about creating the idea of the doll for the movie, the director said that it had to be something that the family would have loved because it was a representation of their dead son, as perfect as possible. It also had to be life sized as well and surely it has nothing to do with the scary looks in particular because the things, that were associated with him had to be scary, after all he was not doing anything.

So what the audience can expect from this horror show? Well, its is a thrill ride for the viewers as they begin with the introductory stage where she meets this crazy family and the doll she has to babysit and all other twists and turns interlinked with each other yet not revealing much until the very end. The film is like a roller-coaster, you know that it is going to scare you, yet you also want to know that what happened to the boy and ultimately to Greta and in the end when you leave the theater you know you have had an experience to remember for a longtime. There are so many questions that you are asking, so many stones unturned, may be you have already decided who is behind the miseries of Greta but you never know for sure!


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